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it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive!

We've joined with Janis Ian...
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and many others to create a unique fundraiser for the Pearl Foundation. Janis created the Pearl foundation to honor her mother, who went back to college as an adult to obtain the degree she had always wanted to earn.

I can't say it better than the press release Janis wrote herself:

Starting November 21st, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter Janis Ian and eBay auctioneer Amy Leslie will host PROSE FOR PEARL, a 10-day auction of unique items and memorabilia by famous authors, to raise money for returning students. The auction will take place on the Pearl Foundation’s eBay site:
You can see the items right now at
and you can read the whole story here:

We have items signed and donated by George R. R. Martin, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Wally Lamb, Pat Conroy, Len Wein, Joe Haldeman, Jane Yolen, Harry Turtledove, Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, Michael Swanwick, Mercedes Lackey, Mike Resnick, and the family of Anne McCaffrey, plus a gold, diamond, ruby watch Janis’ family gave Pearl when she graduated.

What’s unusual about this auction?
-- It was suggested by author George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) and his wife, Parris McBride, who are donating a pilot script from the hugely successful television series, signed by all the “Starks”, as well as signed books and personal notes from Martin to the high bidders.
-- The authors are Janis’ friends, and chose the items themselves. Many posed with their items, and sent photos of themselves with Janis for the sale.
-- The items are offered with no reserve. Each item has a description from the author as well as a short vignette by Ian detailing their relationship.
-- The authors will sign and personalize their items whenever possible.

The Pearl Foundation – history and FAQ
-- In 1998, Ian held the very first Internet auction through her own website, raising over $60,000 in college scholarship funds for Goddard College. What begun as a one-time tribute to her mother’s life-long dream of attending college became the Pearl Foundation, an IRS-approved charitable organization dedicated to raising funds for returning students.
-- To date, the Pearl Foundation has given away more than $700,000 in college scholarship funding. The Pearl Foundation’s annual overhead is less than 2%.
Come to November 21st and
Be a part of something bigger than yourself!


There's some incredible items in the auction, not just from George and myself but from Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison, the family of Anne McCaffery and a host of others.

One item that we hope will be of interest to many is a GoT script, signed by all the Stark family, from Sean Bean (Eddard) to Art Parkison (Rickon).

As I write this, it's less than an hour TWO hours (times zones can be so confusing) until the auction goes live on eBay. SO follow the links Janis gives to read more about the auction on her website, and then go to the eBay page link to start the bidding.

We would greatly appreciate you all spreading the word far and near about this auction, so that fans and collectors everywhere will have a chance to bid and obtain a unique item for their collections, a perfect present for someone they love, knowing that you're helping give a returning education student help to fulfill their dreams.

thank you,


Another Reason for Joy & Celebration
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My dear friend and Water sister, known to many friends as Riverheart, posts also at Daily Kos under the name "Kitsap River".

River has been waiting for a kidney transplant for several years now, and yesterday, The Call came.

She started a post at dKos that you can read Here. She was blogging until the orderlies came to take her up to the operating room!

This morning we got one update from her beloved that the operation is over, the new kidney is producing urine, and so far, all the signs are good that the transplant will be accepted by her body.

I tell you this to add to the good news today, and to ask that you consider making sure that you have a current, signed donor card and that whoever in your circle of family and friends holds your medical power of attorney understands that you would want your organs donated to save the lives of others.

Someone I will never know did sign that card, and his/her family agreed to donate the kidney that will give River many more years of a good life that will send ripples of love and passion and joy throughout the lives of those who know her. To that unknown person, and their family, I send my truest thanks and hope that through the sorrow of your loss, you can feel the hope and love that you gave to us when River received your loved one's kidney.

I usually keep my posts locked to friends only, but this is a public post so that anyone who may be moved by this news to sign that donor card will do so.

thank you,


The Green and Gold (and slightly Purple) Wedding
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I'm happy to tell all our friends and loved ones that on Tuesday evening George and I were legally married, in front of the hearth of Terrapin Station.

We were joined by a dozen friends, and only wish we could have invited the hundreds of friends and fans we are lucky to count among the greatest gifts we could ever have.

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That's the total from the 7 items on the Match It For Pratchett eBay auction!!!

Thanks to all the bidders, the folks who spread the word and to Deb & Mike for putting these items on eBay for us so that George could keep focused on You-Know-What.

We are delighted and thankful that folks in the US, Austria and Japan were willing to bid and buy these books to support Match It For Pratchett.

But this thing ain't over yet, we've still got to raise a lot more to meet Terry's generous donation. I'll be burrowing into hundreds of still-unpacked boxes of books looking for gems and George has come up with a Cunning Plan or two himself.

Details as things develop, until then, go to the website of your national Alzheimer's organization and donate the price of a pint or a paperback to this campaign.

The mind you save might very well be your own.

Match It For Pratchett!
Many friends and fans have joined together to create the 'Match It for Pratchett' fundraising campaign.

I've been holding back, waiting until we had something special to offer in support of this effort.

Now, thanks to the help of friends who have eBay accounts, I am pleased to announce that we have donated 7 books to the current eBay auction for the Match It for Pratchett fundraiser.

Those listings can be found HERE

among the items we have donated are:

FEVRE DREAM 2008 Subterranean Press limited edition. Illustrations by Justin Sweet. Author's presentation copy. Signature page Martin/Sweet. As this is a presentation copy, it is neither numbered or lettered. It would be considered numbered, with a retail price of $125. Black slipcase. Sold out at the publisher, both the numbered and lettered editions on publication date.

more info and cover art here

Book #2
The Ice Dragon, Starscape/Tor. 2006. Illustrated by Yvonne Gilbert. Signed hardcover of YA trade edition.

cover art here

Book #3
'A Game of Thrones' limited editon of the RPG manual. Guardians of Order/2005. Out of print. Hardcover, gilt edged. #658 of 2,500. Retail was $100.

here's a clip from a earlier press release that I pulled from RR's archives with more info:
"This series gets the high-quality treatment it deserves in two gorgeous editions of the GAME OF THRONES RPG: a mammoth 576-page deluxe limited edition in September and a 496-page standard edition in October. Both of these authoritative reference guides and roleplaying games include full-color printing on premium-quality paper, hardcover binding, a poster-sized color pull-out map of the continent of Westeros, and a host of stunning artwork and graphic design by a team of exceptionally talented artists.

The deluxe edition contains two distinct game systems: the same rules as the standard edition and Guardians' own popular Tri-Stat System. It also includes an abundance of upgraded features, such as a foil-embossed leatherette cover, an exquisite dust jacket with art by Mike S. Miller (who did the pencils for THE HEDGE KNIGHT graphic novel), an oversized cloth bookmark, silver gilding on all edges, and an exclusive interview with George R. R. Martin".

and there's 4 more rare and colllectible books in the auction, but you'll have to click that link to find out what they are! The auction ends in 6 days, so get to bidding friends, and let's Match It For Pratchett!.

NM writers and fans!
Wednesday morning there will be a supporting picket for the WGA New Mexican members, friends and supporters.

Please join me and some wonderful writers on the line tomorrow, Wednesday morning. We'll have hot chocolate, coffee, and pastries to keep you warm and energized while we make public our support of the WGA.

Here's some information on where and when:

We will meet Wednesday morning at 8:45 AM on the COLLEGE OF SANTA FE CAMPUS. The college is located at 1600 St. Michael's Drive (Right off Cerrillos & St. Michaels)

We will first gather at THE SCREEN parking area.
Follow the signs when you enter the main gate.

I would suggest bringing Thermos jugs of coffee, tea or soup. Bundle up. Here's a mapquest link if you need one.

College of Santa Fe

Building a Sustainable New Orleans
Brad Pitt is the spokesman and one of the founders of Make It Right New Orleans

The project will build at least 150 new homes for people in the Lower 9th Ward. What is most exciting about these new homes is that they are designed to be very efficient and built as 'green' as possible. Incorporating design elements to use roof-top solar, tankless water heaters and other house elements that will take the local climate into consideration, giving the homeowners not only a place to live, but a healthier, less expensive place to live. Utility costs hit lower-income people hard, not only because the higher costs are hard to meet when you're already living at or near poverty levels, or are in the lower working classes, but typically housing is not as energy efficient in lower-income areas where 30 year old refrigerators and leaky single pane windows in old housing stock are still common.

A donor can select a specific item to purchase for a house, such as thermostats, solar panels, energy efficient appliances, or can just send a general donation.

If your good-deed doing plans this holiday season include contributing to good causes, please consider Make It Right New Orleans.

Congrats to the IPCC and Al Gore!
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Gaians Unite!

prayer to the Compassionate One
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To the uncountable living beings living in uncountable universes to the east,
May they be free of danger,
May they be free of anger,
May they be free of sufferings, and
May their hearts be calm and peaceful.
May there be peace upon Gaia.

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Still can bring me chills and thrills, even at 8:30 in the morning, with all the distractions of a set done on a morning show. Thousands standing in Rockefeller Plaza.

No, I didn't get tickets for this tour damnit. No shows less than 1K miles away. I'm told I should not plan on doing lots of walking or standing for several weeks, which pretty much eliminates getting to and enjoying a rock concert for a month.

Early reviews of the new album and reports from the rehearsal shows sounds like the whole band is ready to rock and roll.

I still have some slim hope that the tour will expand, and I'll be able to get tickets for a late addition to the tour in Denver or Phoenix.

Damn, those folks know how to rock.

and he ain't afraid to talk about what goin' on.

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